Zach Schneider

Assorted writing and wordsmithery.

Writing Tests for Rails: Introduction

Regardless of where you fall on the endless discussion surrounding test-driven development, solid tests are absolutely essential for any Rails application beyond the most basic complexity. Quality tests allow you to refactor code, write new features, and upgrade libraries or the environment without accidentally breaking things or pushing bugs to… »

Elliv and The Ventriloquist

I don't think it's on the Internet anywhere, but those of you who were at Elliv on Saturday know what this is about. (If you aren't a Cedarville student, Elliv is Cedarville's end-of-year show- it's kind of like a student talent show with hosts and skits in between acts.) During… »

Using Bower with Rails

Bower, the open-source frontend package manager developed by Twitter, is quickly gaining the affections of the NodeJS community (among others) as an extremely convenient way to manage frontend library dependencies without having to manually download and maintain lists of files. However, Bower isn't really gaining as much steam in the… »

Fixing SSL errors in rvm for OSX

I recently had a fairly extended and annoying fight trying to get rvm to install gems from HTTPS sources, so I decided to post the quick solution for other people in my predicament: The error in question is: ERROR: While executing gem ... (Gem::Exception) Unable to require openssl, install OpenSSL… »


“we do not sweat and summon our best in order to rescue the killers” there are days, in fact, that i’ll be damned if i rescue any killer or someone even approaching such a terrible status to work in solidarity with those who are like me unlike me or… »